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Is LDA pin grind worth it with K03?
Ok I have converted my xsara dt, to bosch few months back. Runs well, about 21 psi max. on a stock K03 and a top mount inter cooler. 

However no matter how I rotate the lda pin I just can seem to find enough range of on-off boost fueling. If it has enough fuel on boost, it blows smoke off boost and in  a weird way somehow bogs down the car low down, slowing spool up (which on the k03 should be pretty much instant).

If I set the lda pin on a less aggressive slope it spools up faster, though feels a bit lean when on boost. 

Pretty much every position of the star wheel has been tried with little change, currently sitting about 7 turns from the bottom up.

Now is lda pin grind even worth it with k03? I understand they are very small turbos and they cant take much psi wise.
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Have actually done it!

Its worth doing. A lot more range between off and on boost, feels more eager to rev...pushing 22 psi boost, hope the little k03 lasts.
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Hmm missed this otherwise would have chimed in & it's definitely worth it as you say. K03 should be Ok at 22psi, beware going much over 25 though, I managed to overspeed the turbine so much at 28-30 that the thing literally exploded & embedded chunks of itself in the exhaust housing Big Grin Wouldn't want to be pushing big boost on a top mount anyway though TBF, depending on how hard you drive & what sort of road conditions you'll see decent gains going to front mount.
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Yeah, front mount is in the planning stage...generally don't push the car that hard and I have mechanical sympathy. Seems even more powerful when cold outside, however heatsoak slows things down quickly  Rofl
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Mechanical sympathy bedamned! lol, I can vouch for heat soak being a bitch with the top mount since the other day, finding a patch of ice that allowed me to hold a 5th gear (130mph+) burnout in the silver car (top mount, lucas, T2 @25psi) but immediately after that, was heatsoaked to where it wouldn't repeat it with the camera running, best it managed then was 3rd Sad

Not that a front mount would've helped a lot in that situation as we weren't moving, but wouldn't have dropped off quite so fast.
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All this during covid.......cops visit this place......there are cops in Cheshire.......thinks about it dude......don't make them have to do you....
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(11-01-2021, 04:36 PM)pug306driver Wrote: All this during covid.......cops visit this place......there are cops in Cheshire.......thinks about it dude......don't make them have to do you....

Should have mentioned the ice was in Mexico.... dude...
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The bulk of your fuelling is with the max fuel screw, set it up with the max fuel screw. use the LDA to tune on boost at top end.

By grinding the pin, and incorrect adjustment, all you're doing is dumping in LOADS of fuel as soon as it gets a whiff of boost.

Also retarding the pump timing will help with spooling up.
A moments silence please, for our brothers in the NAD-zone.
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