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306 2.0 HDI has been running fine without coolant for months????
Made an outrageous error. Thought my coolant light was a faulty screen wash light (i know, I did check the symbol, had it in my head it was screen wash so my eyes believed what they wanted to ) and ignored for months. Yet engine temperature never goes above 75-80 ? I've driven long and short journeys thousands of miles???? Lights been on for months, reservoir was empty when I looked after the garage had it. Ran it without coolant and checked temperature to check the garage hadn't just emptied it and were ripping me off.

Garage said today the fuel pump is leaking and needs replacing. Is it possible to get a year from it before scrapping, or is there not a cat in hells chance and I need to get rid? (800 quid of work needs doing, I took it in for a knackered wheel bearing)
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