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newbie 306 parts/breaking car
newbie (although i have been using this site for years)

i have had a 306 from new 2002 and loved it but unfortunately this week it has been badly damaged by falling scaffolding Angry

rather than scrap the car i wondered if it would be of interest to any on this site, the car was great prior to the accident and can still be driven as the engine/transmission is fine, all the electrics clocks, lights, motors etc all work it has had the following new parts

centre box & rear box this year April
new discs and pads this year March
new battery last year.
cam belt replaced at 50,000

if it was repairable i would not hesitate but sadly it is not, ideally i want to sell it as a whole car and not split it for parts

it is a 2001 meridian 1.8 16v with 70,000 miles (genuine i have all mots) 

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