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rear wheel arch
hey guys/girls

what have u guys done for the rear when it scrubs
i know i gotta get the rear rolled but what els can i do to get a bit more room there

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There shouldn't be any scrubbing with standard wheels. So have you stuck wide rims on there? If not then the bearings in the beam & probably the beam itself are at the end of their life.
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I do not know how they are called in English, but free transaltion would be: support springs Wink
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Unless your wheels are way too wide or completely the wrong offset, then as above, your rear beam is f*cked.
Custom roll cages/shiny suspension bits/general fabrication work undertaken, PM me.
Top engine mount repair/reinforcement/chocking for cracked chassis and high powered cars, drive in, drive out, 2 hour turnaround.
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rebuild the rear axle 100%
need a part number? and will sort you out.
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