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air bag light MOT
The vosa MOT site  has been ammended and of course is now non sensical.
Please could someone tell me the rules relating to the air bag light please.

If it does not work at all, is that a fail??
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If it's on permanently, it must fail - If it doesn't come on, they can't fail it but they must put down as an advisory.
(16-05-2016, 10:45 AM)Toms306 Wrote: Oh I don't care about the stripped threads lol, that's easily solved by hammering the bolt in. Wink
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Thanks ruan, i will take the advisory but will have a look at the system for faults and see what pp2000 says. maybe the system was not "rebooted" the last time the battery was off, its been playing up since we got the car.

Is the haynes manual "reboot" procedure for the air bag system correct?
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It's usually just loose plugs under the seats unless the car has been in an accident at all.

Never had to reboot the airbag system, it should fault check at startup.
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+1 For checking the orange connectors under the front seats!
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Are the "resistors" still available to "fool" the air bag system??

I take it the MIL light must come on and then go off once the engine is running for an MOT ???
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Previous discussions on the matter ...

Seems 1.8 Ohm fused resistor is commonly recommended.  Quick fleabay search …

Simples! ….except, my understanding is that this is a fix for a faulty airbag or a if you want to remove the airbag & fool the system in to thinking it's still there.  It's also my understanding that when the system detects a fault the airbag light will flash for a period before coming on constant.  As yous isn't coming on at all I would suggest there's a different problem that won't be fixed by the above.

I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong as electrics are't my strong point!
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