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up early...its Friday
FRI; order roof aerial for car--poor reception

SAT;  clean inside of cars, people carrier not been done for months

SUN; shopping apparently ?
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Good job on 6 threads!

Friday work and cycle, wash rallye
Saturday work and cycle
Sunday pack for Singapore for work!
Night Blue VW Golf 7 GTD : Bianca 306 Rallye : Mini Cooper D (The Mrs')
[Image: wallye-gtd.JPG?raw=1]
HDi Owner for 200k/9 years
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Hey man, has it gotten a little ghost townesque in here or what? Still seeing loadsa 306's in Glasgow and surrounding central belt

People carriers have invisible bins all over the floor don't you know, they only need emptied once a year! Wink I have a Vito 8 seater now for the tribe! Just went 2 years on company vehicle so just lost 15+ years no claims grrrrrrr
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