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1.8 16v normal operating temperature

I've just bought a 306, my first petrol Peugeot so I need some advice.

Normal driving, the temp sits about 75-80°C, when idling the temperature will creep close to but not exceed 100°C.  Is this normal or is something up with the thermostat and/or the temperature sender?  The manual basically says anything not in the red is fine!

It's nice to have a proper gauge for a change, one that changes instead of modern equivalents which are basically on/off lights.

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Hi Stewart.  The thermostat is meant to open at 83 degrees so normal operating temperature is 85 degrees-ish.  The fans kick in on low speed at 97 degrees on a model with AC.  (They'll run at high speed at 107 degrees but mine rarely gets that hot, even in the height of summer).

I am pretty sure the 1.8 has the same set up as the XSi (which is what I have).  If it has AC there will 3 thermostatic switches/sensors screwed in to the thermostat housing.  The blue one provides a feed to the gauge on the dash and nothing else.  The green one provides a temperature reading for the ECU.  The brown one is linked to the AC control unit and the fans.

It's possible for the blue sensor / dash gauge to be out while the car runs completely normally.  Alternatively, the thermostat is stuck slightly open or could be opening too early.  Hard to tell which without a way to check the true coolant temp.

Mine ran at a similar temp to yours (according to dash gauge).  Changed the thermostat and … difference!!  Has been like that for about 2 years now!!
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Thanks for the reply, really useful and has set my mind to rest!
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Our convertible with 1.8 16v has the same characteristics. Think it is fine and nothing to worrie about.
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Hi. I had a 1.8 for ages and tracked it with jenvey throttlebodies etc. It did get hot and I had electric fans fitted that kicked in at 100. So I would agree that standard running is 75-80 and then it will slowly keep moving up when not moving until the fans kick in. Then itll just loop in getting hot, fans on etc like most cars.
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