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Rallye normal temperature?

While driving my car it seems to hold the temp at 70C, this seems on the cool side to me and was wanting to know if this is normal? It can get up to 90 in stop start traffic but drops fast once moving.
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Thermostat opens at 83 degrees so engine should settle at about that temp in normal driving. My XSi (similar engine) also displays a cool temp (about 75 degrees) in normal driving. Have changed the thermostat in case it had stuck fully open n still the same. Concluded that the blue temp sensor (which feeds the gauge on the dash console) wasn't reading accurately.

Other possibility for running slightly on the cool side is a rich fuel mixture. Don't think that would explain 13 degrees below normal tho.
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I suspect your thermostat has failed open.

Get that replaced first and see where you go from there.
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My rallye has a new thermostat and new sensor. It sits just over 70 degrees. After ragging around the ring it was up to 85. Coolant hitting 115.
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