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Hello everyone

I'm new here but been around a while over at  I've owned three 306's, the first one I bought was an XSi back in 1998.  I took that fro 50k miles to 135k miles before selling it on.  I then bought my GTi6 in 2005 and still have it although I don't drive it much these days.  I also bought a black Rallye a few years ago and it is currently fully stripped and half way through a full restoration to put it back to factory standard.

I've learned a lot from the forums over the years but still have a lot to learn!  Everday's a school day as they say when working on these things!


ps. give me a shout if you have any genuine peugeot new old new stock that you want to shift...I'm a sucker for buying gen pug parts.
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hello and welcome along!
It goes, it stops (as reqd). Makeup
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Welcome along Al.  Things seem pretty quiet over on the 306gti6 site these days but hopefully things will keep ticking over here for a while yet.  With quite a few years of experience with 306's behind you I'm sure you'll have some valuable contributions to make.

Have you got a project thread somewhere for your Rallye?
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