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friday......friday ???
FRI;  sit and blitz amazon for xmas presents

SAT; potter about the house

SUN;  as above unless I get made to go outside.
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Friday - work from home, do chores around work

Saturday - Service Rallye, tidy up some loose ends on the wife's mini. Probably wash the cars.

Sunday - get out for a cycle, no doubt have some family duty to do
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Friday - road rage at everyone driving at 40mph in a 60 because the road is wet

saturday - make rear mud flaps for my jap car which will undoubtedly dissolve in the salty roads if I don't

sunday - sunday things. maybe play with french diesels
A moments silence please, for our brothers in the NAD-zone.
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Friday - I work from home now on a Friday. Cuts down my commuting/mileage/fuel so I'm happy. Spent half of the day trying to find a Radiator for a Ph2 Xsara VTS. Nigh on impossible.

Saturday - putting up Christmas lights up with a neighbour, for another neighbour before the freezing rain and wind sets in.

Sunday - Parents and grandmother for dinner. Ciders. Sleep. In about that order!
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friday - worked at home, trying to fix 3d printer
saturday - got up late and fixed 3d printer, family xmas dinner
sunday - more 3d printing and probably some sailing club stuff!
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