Which oil for an old petrol turbo
I'm trying to decide which oil to get for my Volvo redblock turbo engine. There are many threads on the subject but many different opinions, some say fully synthetic 5w40, some say 20w50 mineral. 
15w-40 semi seems to be quite a common suggestion. Is there a reason you'd want a thicker oil on start up, rather than a 10w? I've got a gulf competition 10w40 in the shed but won't use it if 15w is needed
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I'd say the 10w40 is absolutely fine. If it's in daily use a lower cold viscosity rating will make it better when running up to temp. The higher hot ratings - 50 and up - are only really needed for highly tuned engines that are put under a lot of stress, track weapons etc.
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Cheers Alex, think I'll go for a 10w40, but a semi synthetic rather than the gulf stuff incase of crappy old seals.
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How much tuning have you done to the redblock?

And which turbo redblock do you have?

My questions have absolutely nothing to do with the oil you should use.

10W40 semi synthetic will do for road use.

Mineral oil is nasty on an engine that's been so well built from the factory.
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