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3mm spacer need longer bolts ?
Hi folks

Was thinking of putting 3mm spacers on the back to just give  a smidge more clearance between the back of the tyre and the wheelarch liner. Axle is still pretty good, not much camber but I just went from 14"  harriers to 15" cyclones on 195's and there's not much room there, especially as I fitted a phase 3 liner on the nearside (it's a  phase 2 car which didn't come with one on that side) - the liner fits well but bulges a little.

Just wondered if I am likely to need longer bolts with just a 3mm on there?  Bolts are all new and are as below. I'll check their protrusion through the wheel. Rule of thumb 1.5 x diameter ?  

[Image: s-l1600.jpg]
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