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Car insurence after non fault crash!
So, as the Peugeot is being broken to make way for a new project i now have a huge problem.

On the 08/09/17 i was hit by a mini bus full of Romanians who did admit fault at the scene (came across a junction infront of me as i was heading straight on).

I am trying to get a new car but the problem i now have is insurence (not like it was a pain before).

The lowest quote i have managed to get since this happened is on;

Suzuki Alto 1.1 (2002) £1800
I've tryed and tryed and can't get anything lower;

Land Rover Freelander 1.8 (2002) £2800
Renault Clio 1.1 (2005) £1900
(This was quoted £1250 before the crash date)
Subaru GX Wagon 2.0 (2002) £3500
Toyota Corolla 1.3 (1999) £2300
Honda Concerto 1.6 (1991) £2100
My 306 1.4 (2000) £2400
(Was paying £980)
Citroen Xantia 2.0 (1997) £2100
(This was quoted £1160 before the crash date)
I am struggling to be able to actually afford to insure another car at all, let alone buy one first.

As you see i have a random list of cars i've tryed to see the affect of different types and policys (normal, classic, 4x4 etc...) I have tryed each car via normal and specialist insurences but to no avail as not much changes.

The crash hasn't affected my no claims as it was on a works policy so why the heck am i being completely shafted now.

This is for me and my partner, on my own they are all around £200 less which still is rediculous, i have also tried the old 'put your parents on and it will come down' but in my case goes up over £300.

I tryed changing owner, registered keeper, main driver, higher excess, third party fire and theft, to bring the price down and the above are the lowest i can get on each of the cars listed.

Any ideas or help would be very much appreciated as i am lost.[Image: 5dda213538ca3acea8300f41291bfe58.jpg][Image: 4314ccc2b5cb9368da6bb15654208ad8.jpg][Image: 7269d077f154a9913624e31b7793f660.jpg]

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Has the claim been settled? could be why if not as anything could happen down the line
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Yeah i was gonna ask, is the claim settled? F not could be it.
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First of all even though it wasn't your fault it will put your insurance up. It shows you drive in the times and places where crashes occur.

Secondly doing all these searches changing everything is probably f*cking your price. Insurance companies all talk to each other. Keep changing stuff on a search (stuff that obviously doesn't change) and the computer will think your pulling a fast one and automatically start falling up the prices.
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As said. Is the claim settled? I've had a 100% non fault accident when my ZX was stuffed in the drivers side door heavily. Did you claim for whiplash? I didn't even tho I did ache for several days afterwards. Didn't effect my future quotes at all.
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Woah that's quite an accident, hope everybody walked away ok.

As the others have said, an open claim will ruin your renewal, had this problem when i got shafted by adrian flux a few years back. Not much of a solution, but might be worth getting the bus or equivalent until the claim is completed.
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i've had 2 accidents in 10 years, one my fault and the other non fault, my premiums went down the following year in both cases Smile
Phase 1 D-Turdo, K14@24 psi, De-cat, meaty backbox, Bosch pump, grinded LDA pin, duel air fed K&N =133.7bhp & 188ft/lbs
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Mine went up according to brentacre until i moaned, then it went down.. then Flux beat the quote from brentacre by £20 from the previous year,,. happy days..

the accidents i have declared

Car went into the side wheel of the vitara (no damage to mine but wrote off her brand new mercedes C63 as she caught the rear lip of the front bumper, and tore the whole front of her car off.

some woman rolled into the back of me because she had hill hold which obviously only holds for a while.. low speed, her insurance paid for a new foglight and repair to my bumper after she admitted liability (and i had her son on camera saying it should be 50/50 after she rolled into me)

and the latest an uninsured driver went hard into the back of the 306 which was a Total right off, settled for £1500 total value and closed, that was last november. This, although not my fault, (he failed to stop at the scene and police involved etc) my insurance footed the bill.

i had my NCB protected etc. so that helped.
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It will more than likely be because of the accident even though it wasn’t you fault

Even though it’s on works policy, you still have to declare it and it still has an effect.

Also, please tell me you Wasn’t in the shitroen because you crashed your focus :p
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How much more is the quote than your current policy? Have you had previous accidents?
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Cheers for all the replys.

I am waiting to hear the outcome from my solicitor about the claim, i didn't know if the waiting game would affect the prices i am getting but seems to be the case, i have tryed some of the same cars recently and they are slowly creeping back down in price, thank god!!

Currently the French car me and the missus are looking at is now the cheapest we can insure although a bit more than i'd like.

Niall the Focus was safe and sound at the Ford garage having a new gearbox seens as it decided to destroy it's original one! I'm not that bad a driver honest

I don't get away from French cars for very long.

This is the only accident i have had but i believe the insurence companies also say if you've had one crash then you're more likely to be involved in another over the next 12 months (Adrian Flux told me that).

I might try the 306 again for me on my own to see what that comes out at as i didn't think about trying that, the original policy was £980 before i cancelled it in July.
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