Bosch pump to bracket bottom bolt

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Bosch pump to bracket bottom bolt
Any tips on slackening the bottom bolt that holds the pump to the bracket
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You ideally need a half moon spanner, but it can be done with a cut down 13mm
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If you haven't got a c spanner. (I bought onto to do it on mine) then alternator belt off. Remove the 13mm top alternator bolt then slacken the bottom one and tilt forward. Super easy access then. However if your XUD has pas on the top I feel sorry for you and I have no advice
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Achh balls I've taken to removing the bracket just working on the back bolt fraction by fraction how mimportant is it that I use a new cam belt cause I've only just put this one on and really don't want to have to do the whole thing again

FYI I do have power steering that's what was doing me in
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On the bracket are the studs meant to be in the more adv or regard postion
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If I understand you properly, the Adv position.
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