instrument cluster illumination not working

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instrument cluster illumination not working
(have posted before but didnt really get anywhere) As said above, instrument cluster not lighting up when lights are on.
fuses and bulbs all okay any other causes it could be?
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Are all the fuses ok? As in, physically checked with a multimeter?

Do you have a rheostat to adjust the dash brightness? When someone removed the blank from this position in my Rallye, it opened the circuit and thus I had no dash illumination.
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yeah, checked all the fuses, and theyre all good, dont think ive got a rheostat. could a cause of it be the wire going to headlights be earthing on something? only reason i ask is because when i was fitting me boost guage i may have cut the wire casing for the headlight wire where i was jamming a screwdriver through to make some room for the hose? this is the only thing i think it could be.
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I had no dash lights the other day, don't have a rheostat, the plug had came of the back of the blank, breaking the circuit, just need the 2 outside connectors on the plug wired together to complete the circuit again, all working again now.
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Aright, will have a look
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