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1998 306 Instrument cluster failure
Good morning all!

Not only am I completely new here, this is also my first Peugeot.

Its a 1998 1.6 Petrol estate - It was very kindly given to me after my father-in-law passed away.  Although an older car, its got low mileage and generally runs great...

However.... Its suffering from a seemingly common problem - instrument cluster failure. More specifically rev counter, speedometer and fuel gauge.  As with other similar cases the temp gauge still works. All other dash lights work fine too.

I've extensively searched the net, and have learned that many people have enjoyed success with removing/re-fitting the shunt fuse etc etc - No such luck here. Ive also tested all other fuses (internal and engine) without success. I can confirm that the two earthing straps from the battery to the engine are corrosion free and in good shape.

Ive been unsuccessful in finding a common cause for this - although one forum post I read someone had said that this was an issue with the microprocessor and that Peugeot, back in the day, knew about it.

I'm more than happy to source a second hand instrument cluster and try it, but before I do I was wondering if anyone had any useful tips to try otherwise?

Thanks to all who can offer any advice :-)

Stay safe folks...

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potentially a bad connection in the back or a poor earth? Take the unit out and give it a look.
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Welcome to the club. I've never had to try to fix one of these I'm afraid. If you've checked all possible external sources of failure then I guess you'll have to consider internal failure. Possibly worth checking to see if these are any failed solder joints? Failing that you could try one from a breaker or there are  specialist companies who repair instrument clusters. Just do a quick Google search.
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Welcome to the club! On my dad's 306 estate, happen the same thing. We disconnected the battery terminal (I think it was the positive side) and wait 10 to 30 minutes with the battery disconnected, and then see if that solves it. It worked for me.
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Hey Eeyore, Mighty 306 and Pingaz - thanks for taking the time time to reply.

After a lot of earth fault testing (to no avail) and removal of shunt fuses etc I decided to bite the bullet and pick up a cheap s/h cluster off eb4y.

This solved my problem immediately...

Once again, thanks to all!

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Thanks for posting a follow-up on this. A lot of people don't so you never know whether or how the issue got resolved. Glad you fixed it. Cheers.
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