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Universal Cruise Control Kit

Universal cruise control kit, looks like it could be made to fit anything, im thinking about getting one for my hilux
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that looks to me like, its the same tech as one of those electric turbos tbh, but I am willing to be proven wrong!
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I cant see how it wouldn't work? they even make connectors for standard 307 stock
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Ohhh that a lot of money for it not to work

But would be a epic extra though Smile
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That just basically runs an extra throttle cable by looks of it? If so there are plenty of cars that use that style and its just a case of getting a stalk and switches etc.. I bet it would be alot cheaper
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We actually had a customer want one fitted years ago. Not to bad to fit just takes ages. You also need inputs from the car. If you dont wire them in car doesnt react properly to hills etc
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Did any Hilux's come with cruise as standard? Much easier to use existing manufacturer parts.

For the 307 you could just plug the stalk in and activate in PP...
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No hilux came with a kit that could be retro fitted, but that company do one for it that just plugs straight into the Ecu
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my car has cruise control

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I'd been toying with the Conrad anderson kit for a while. They pretty much do cruise for any vehicle whether mechanically (by manipulating the throttle cable) or electronic on fly by wire clutches. It's £400+ tho if they fit the kit for you. Bit much for most folk who's 306 aren't worth much more than that...
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Seems like a gimmick, that if it were to go wrong, would do so spectacularly, and quite horrifically.

306s on the continent had CC. Track the parts down and fit them? Would be a damn sight cheaper too.
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They do a kit specifically for my hilux, Got someone interested in my old engine, it if sells il get one and still have change from something i was going to scrap
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