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Report: East Anglia Meet 2017
The weekend of the September 9/10th saw 306oc members arrive at the small seaside village of Felixstowe Ferry. Located East of Felixstowe itself its a small settlement right on the mouth of the River Deben. Parking organised, beach party area organised, camping organised, a pub and several cafes and all within sight of each other!

The meet kicked off earlier than expected with Allie and Steve coming down from Manchester on friday afternoon. Obviously this was in Allies DS3 as steves rover would never make it further than the nearest headgasket shop. Toms306 also attended! A lovely double rainbow greeted them all and remained whilst we pitched tents. Following this Sam took everyone on a "lovely" historical tour pointing out the various old buildings and boats and where deaths had taken place over the years. Also showed steve what a real headgasket looked like in my speedboat which was meant to be working for this meet but unfortunately wasnt following snapping a valve spring two weeks prior.


Tents and tour complete it was time for some booze shopping. Trip out to Morrisons and some rubbish directions saw us in some random estate with a gang of topless youths running across the road. Luckily they knew that Allie and a DS3 werent to be messed with. The bumper was hanging off, obviously this car had a reputation for hitting things so they stayed well out of the way!

When we returned to the ferry it was raining so as per plan B we retired to the sailing club for dinner and several rounds. Sam left for a sailing meeting of some kind whilst the others started "the sesh". Meeting done Sam was down to find some catching up which of course he had no problem catching up as he was a top lad who could down all the pints. Bates also arrived but in a clio... He was kayaking in the morning so had to be up at 6 but being a true 306 and gamecube enthusiast he stayed till 1am. Waiting and outdrinking the sailing club members proved to be tricky however come 11:30pm the club was empty and the TV was acquired for use of 306oc mario kart double dash (obviously). Sam won, everyone else lost. Standard.

Saturday morning ended up being breakfast at the Sailing Club before setting the club flags up. A few wooden blocks and many rubbish cable ties later they were precariously balanced enough to have some expectation that they would still be upright when we got back. 


We drove up the A14 to meet Ash who had got there first. We also waited for Bish who bailed on the meet (and his chances of winning the newbie of the year award). 12:30 came and we set off smashing the Suffolk country side. Windy and narrow roads through Coddenham followed by some ice ups and downs and long straights all the way through Clopton and on to Wickham Market. This didnt take long so Sam asked the group if they were okay with doing more driving than the original plan. Lu also took paracetamol as the fumes from the Rallye were on top form as always.


Smashed the roads through Rendlesham forest and through to Butley before going onwards to Bawdsey Quay. We showed Ash where we were camping (the other side of the river) which was only 100m away... but to actually get there it would be another 20 miles of driving. Teas and coke were consumed before heading off again to some WW2 buildings for a quick bit of Urbex and dabbing.


Smashed the drive back and only had to turn the whole convoy round once. Went through the old streets of Woodbridge with their tall buildings and let off some pops and bangs like any responsible adult would. Back on the A12 southbound before taking the backroads from Martlesham to Felixstowe. We all parked next to the flags which were still upright and set about sesh 2 in the Ferry Boat Inn. A pint of sesh later we left for minigolf. I dont think anyone was particularly a winner but Harry Putter was a magical golfing experience.  

Bash joined us whilst Steve played "Tank Tank Tank" which seemed the worst way to spend £1 ever. Also played some drum game which saw us all singing along for some weird reason. Back to the ferry! It wasnt raining so half of us setup the burning bin and speakers on the beach whilst the other half went to go and get chips. The fire was lit and food was consumed before sesh 3 began. Sesh 3 went into the early hours before retiring to tents.


Sunday morning came and Steve was relieved that for a second night in a row nothing had been stolen and the DS3 still had wheels. Something about the north. Tents were packed away which took longer for Sams tent as seen at every meet ever. Bash and the Abbotts headed off whilst Lu, Sam and Ash grabbed breakfast before a quick walk up the coast and then being distracted by an impromptu classic moped meet. Lu and Ash left and then there were none and it was all over!


Thanks to everyone for coming down. Speedboat will hopefully work next year along with having it a bit earlier so we get some sun and less rain! Post your photos up below!

Bonus photos!

Bash not being able to handle his drink...

Ash and his sesh juice

Steve and the vertically challenged snail...

Dabbing on the WW2 buildings...

stop in wickham market

rendlesham forest
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