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Full Version: XUD RR results *THE BIBLE*
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Think it would be a good idea to possibly have a stickied thread made with all the peoples RR results with spec, just so it gives some people ideas on whats achievable, so if an admin/mod and the rest of the forum agree, it would be nice to have them all in one place.

Standard/Factory Tune

Stage 1 Tunes (Standard Turbo)
124bhp, 204lb/ft - T2 @ 19psi, 9mm - Mitch.
133bhp, 228.6lb/ft - T2 FMIC 9mm bosch - Mac22.
133.7bhp, 188lb/ft - K14 @ 23psi, 9mm - Autotronix - Mattcheese31.
151.9bhp, 230lb/ft - T2 @ 30psi, 9mm - Dyno Dynamics - Ginge191.

Stage 2 Tunes (Bigger Turbo / FMIC / Pump Mods)
144.9bhp, 190lb/ft - T2 @ 28psi, FMIC, 11mm - Padge.
146.3bhp, 251lb/ft - K14, 11mm - Ruan.
150.8bhp, 219.4lb/ft - Ko3 @ 20 psi FMIC 10mm bosch - Frosty.
153bhp, 286lb/ft - GT15 @ 30+psi, FMIC, 11mm, LDA pin - Anto.
154.3bhp, 198.6lb/ft - GT17 FMIC 9mm bosch - Jimbo.
160bhp, 248lb/ft - Saab T25 28psi, FMIC, 11mm bosch - RStuning - Padge.
174bhp, 273lb/ft - TD04 @ 27psi, FMIC, 11mm - zx_volcane.
175.3bhp, 313lb/ft - GT2052V, 11mm, Meth/Water Injection - Ruan.
178bhp, 247lb/ft - TD04 @ 25psi, 9mm - Danny2009.
179bhp, 250lb/ft - TD04 @ 30+psi, FMIC, 11mm, LDA pin - Anto.
189.9bhp, 240lb/ft - KKK K04, FMIC, Bosch - Strictly Derv.
194.3bhp, 242lb/ft - GT22V @ 19psi, FMIC, 10mm (Gov'd & LDA), 2.5" Exhaust, ARP Studs - mr_fish
196bhp, 290.6lb/ft - NOS, TD04 @ 33psi, 9mm Bosch (Gov mod & LDA) - LewisG306.

Stage 3 Tunes (Crazy Shit aka 200BHP+)
208BHP, 275lb/ftb - GT22V (Arduino Control), FMIC, 11mm, Water/Meth Injection, Fully Rebuilt & Balanced, Lightened Flywheel - zx_volcane.
209.9bhp, 300lb/ft - GT2556 Hybrid, Modified 9mm - Jammapic.
223bhp, 278lb/ft (XUD11) - T3-T4 @ 1.1bar, FMIC, NOS - ?.
237bhp & 327 ft/lbs - GTB22V, all of above on veg - zx_volcane.
We have all the results from the RR we had at longcross; but scepticism surrounds them so is questionable whether to post them or not... Doh
Get them up mate, just explain in the post why you think there sceptical.
I'll chuck mine on anyway, there was a few i could add, but i suppose it's not my place to ThumbsUp
Padge; TBH you could compile them into the first post? that way the first post is the bible/benchmark Smile

1. Peugeot 205 - 1.9DT, 9mm, T2 @30psi - 151.9bhp / 230ftlb - Dyno Dynamics - sceptic dyno/rpm reading
Yeah im going to copy each result and put them in my original post mate Smile
Not a bad idea padge
Im surprised it's not been done before tbh chris.
Surely the issue with this is the massive possible inaccuracy with any dyno run? I always take any dyno figures with a massive dose of salt.
Stage 2 hdi.ko3s hybrid 167.9bhp and 295 ft/lbs
Mattcheese31: K14 - Bosch 9mm - 23psi - 133.7 bhp - 188ftlbs - Autotronix . . .
Shaun I'll do a thread in the hdi section when I get home.
I did this on .net

but it never really went very far.
I had a pic of the map for proof too
Cos a pic makes the dyno more accurate?

Threads like this don't get anywhere because of a) trolls and b) people who can't handle trolls.
Danny2009: td04 9mm pump 25 psi top mount 178 Bhp 247 lb ft torque
(17-07-2013, 09:11 AM)Poodle Wrote: [ -> ]Cos a pic makes the dyno more accurate?

Threads like this don't get anywhere because of a) trolls and b) people who can't handle trolls.

no but better proof than just word...ya know 'mine makes 220bhp and 300lbs' without proof!
Like I said lads, I know some Dynos are a bit off etc, but it gives some idea of what the "guideline" of a certain setup should achieve, reason it never got set off on theywhoshallnotbenamed is probably because back in them days not many people had big turbos/pumps, more people are doing it now and wanting to see what power there roughly getting.

Yeah sorry sean, I just want this to be XUD related.
Ive started a thread in the HDi section for HDi peeps and set a format for it.
Mitch: t2, 19psi, 9mm bosch, 124 bhp and 204 ft/lbs.
Kkk K04, Forge FMIC "modded" pump 189.9BHP 240ft-lbs
Hmm, considering dyno'ing the tank when the 10mm pump goes on. I'm more scared of being tremendously disappointed though haha.
Jammapic: GT2556 titanium hybrid, 9mm + many mods, 209.9hp & 300lbft
Posted previously on another thread results I've had after various stages can't remember the thread now
i know which thread jenks, ill sort it tomorrow and update my original post
My old ZX :

TD04 @ 27psi, 11mm Pump, FMIC

174 BHP and 273 ft\lbs
Anto's 1st run - GT15 - 11mm - fmic - homemade boost pin - 30+psi - 153bhp - 286ftlbs (ave over 3 runs)
Anto's 2nd run - TD04 - 11mm - fmic - homemade boost pin - 30+psi - 179bhp - 250ftlbs (ave over 3 runs)

All done at Torque Performance NI on a Sun Dyno

Old DT with K14, TMIC, 11mm pump - 146.3HP 251.2lb.ft torque
DT with GT2052V, TMIC, 11mm, Water Injection - 175.3hp 313lb.ft torque.

I'll find the graphs later, they are around somewhere.
Bump, updated thread, can we have this as a sticky?
I made it all sticky
thanks matt.
No worries Smile
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