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What original exhaust for 2000 1.9d LX?
A few years ago a garage replaced the exhaust system on the 306 and the rear section they used has a tail pipe that pointed to the ground and looks naff, the original tailpipe was a chrome kind of trumpet shape that poked straight out through the cut-out in the rear bumper. It's really annoyed me ever since!

The original tailpipe looked like this:

[Image: imag01431.jpg]

Could that rear section have been originally fitted to a 1.9d? It seems that is the gti-6 backbox? But I swear the tailpipe originally looked like that!

I would like to put it back to how it was if possible, it looked a lot smarter.
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I'm 90% sure that's a GTi-6 backbox.
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yeah i think the derv back boxes are cylindrical, still get them with the tip like that one tho
[Image: k6f9Fk]

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Thanks for the info guys. The original box was cylindrical but with the above style finisher. Will put a nice chromey one on at some point to smarted her up.
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