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[and then we can get this project moving!![/b]
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Great to see an s16 being given some love! Awesome thread!
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Wow, fantastic project! Welcome to the forum Smile Great to have you on, I'm looking forward to reading your updates on this.
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You crazy dutch bastard lol

Your project is WAY more than just 'interesting', wish I was more awake so I could digest it all.

Where abouts in Holland are you?
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Welcome to 306oc, What an amazing project!! Carnt wait to see this up and running keep up the good work!

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looks mental pal, you've done an epic job there!
Welding and fabrication projects undertaken, contact me for more information.

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Thx guys, ive been reading a lot from this forum, i just thought that i had to pay to post here just like on the other UK 306 forums, wouldnt be a problem but i dont have a creditcard (thank god for that , hahah )
But it seem i was wrong all the time...

The previous posts are a bit copyandpaste and could be a little confusing, sorry for that, from now on ill post everything in the way it should.

Since the weather is kinda shitty, and winter coming up.. im not rushing things,as excited as i get.... there a still a lot of things to do before we can go to DP Engineering for mapping.
Id rather take the time and do things nice and good then to rush and make mistakes or forget things.

This weekend the engine will be finally out of the car, then we ( my mate Marvin and i) can start, doing some maintenance on the engine, all new fluids,new cambelt,install plugs, install the manifold, have a look where to place the Tial 38mm MVS wastegate and screamerpipe, etc etc etc
Were going to remove all unnecesary hoses and things we dont need under the bonnet, it wont be a show car, but i needs to be tidy.
compression of engine = 8.1
DP Engineering alloy intake manifold
DP Engineering 3" Downpipe
DP Engineering "Welders Nightmare" el turbomanifold
3" stainless steel exhaust
100cell race cat ( for MOT/APK only) + running the mot map (lean as f*ck for MOT)
Tial 38mm MVS wastegate + screamerpipp
Tial Q 50mm blowoffvalve
Hugeass intercooler
alloy 2.5 inch IC piping (need to route and sort that out)
VEMS standalone management
660CC injectors
ANE SPORTS custom 6 point rollcage
X in the back, extra diagonal in mainhoop, diagonal front doors ( in the making)
OMP sintered multi puck clutch
National Sport upgraded clutchhousing
Brembo 4 pots calipers with 330mm 407 V6 discs
Gearbox S16 with 1st and 2nd from S16, 3rd ,4th,5th from HDI , estimated topspeed 180mph!
with over 400Bhp should be no problem Wink
Koni yellow shocks
17" Team Dynamics Prorace 3 with Yokohama S drive 195/40/17.

I will make lots of pics for you guys and lets hope it goes as planned and make a ferrariasskickingfrenchmeatball on wheels

thx for the warm welcome,
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Wow! Thats Amazing. Will follow thread
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Iiiisssshhhaa keeepa! Looks lovely mate, good work!
[Image: A1A3B2B1-9269-463A-9F21-2ABF4CE9BEAC-165...A3B3F7.jpg]
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sooo many shineys, i want some Big Grin
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Welcome along bud - great build thread you have there and I'm already looking forward to the next update Smile
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looking good mate, your turbo is mounted at an interesting angle, is it mounted to the gearbox?
Il be following this closely Smile
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Thx guys

@ Ozonehostile, here is almost the same setup on my mates car ( ZX ) with a GT28RS @ 340bhp, with a S16 or RFS engine there is very little room for turbofitment, on the back of the engine where the manifold is located and almost not doable on the rear of the engine, so this is the common way, nice turboflange that comes up next to the engine (Topmount) and voila slap on a bigass turbo, (battery needs to be relocated)
Mine went in a batterybox underneath the rear of the car.
[Image: zx_turbo_13.jpg]
[Image: zx_turbo_10.jpg]
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That looks an incredible project mate, cant wait to see bit
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Amazing work there... just out of interest, where and how have you fitted a high pressure oil feed for the turbo?

Can't wait to see more; any videos??
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those wheels look porn! So wish mine wasblack right now! giggidy
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Inlove . . . . wow nice . . . real nice, you're not short of a bob or two either by the looks of things . . . . .great project mate well done Smile
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This is amazing. Love it! Keep up the good work!
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Thankyou guys!

@ Ginge191... i will get to that with pics etc when we fit the mocal oilcooler, so please stay tuned Wink

Wheels were bought before the car, haha, i had the intention of buying this car.. the wheels came along and i grapped them.
Car is very very dusty at the moment, will need a good proffesional polishing when finished and i need to to let someone drop the rear a 20mm orso since it stands a bit to high, especially now that the rearseats are out etc.
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[Image: fap.gif]
Disclaimer: The above is not to be taken to heart and is probably a joke, grow up you big girl.
[Image: Sig500x130.png]
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Fuckinnn Love it i hope JP see's this and changed his mind to go Turbo route rather than Supercharger,

Awesome build there matey will keep an eye on this for sure
[Image: J5hxCcC.jpg]
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Woehahahah @ kid

CJ send you an email mate, cheers!
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Getting a qsp wheel now instead of an omp one! cheers lol
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Yes yes yes f*ck yes! This is f*cking amazing! Reread like 5 times to make sure I understand all the bits and peices going on. S16 turbo is ftw!

Will definatley be watching with interest!!
[Image: 20A1806D-891D-40FB-BD52-AD519177A607-734...391753.jpg]
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tidy project dude Big Grin

[Image: DSC_0190-Copy_zpsf093f84d.jpg]
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Haha QSP steeringwheel is cheaper i think, quality is good!
Mine was used from a previous project, so i had a nice shower with it and a breadknife, rubbed al the grease out with the back of the knife under the shower.
Was the longest shower ive ever had, came out as uncle Tom (blck as fcuk) and the misses kicked my ass for redoing the shower in black instead of nice cleany white, Wink

Last week the duct came in, finish was quite bad, paid some serious money for this and almost kicked it straight into the bin.
[Image: DSC_0410.jpg]
Needs some serious sanding and a few new coats of clear, then ill have to see how it comes out and if im gonna use it

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Epic project mate! Fair play to all the work gone into this, forgive me if i've missed it but what internals are in this engine?
[Image: Ty8kl7b.jpg]
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@ Midnightclub,

since Bas has been running his 466bhp turbo 106 for over 3 years now and still going strong except of breaking gearboxes every few months , with stock engine ( decompression plate)

My friend with his ZX on stock engine with decompression plates @ 340BHP
Eric 205 with S16 engine with GT30 and 440 bhp on stock engine

Its al on stock engine, only mine had a decompression of 8.1 (normal they use 8.5)

Call it crazy or stupid, but Pieter from DP Engineering said it wont be any problem going 400 on stock engine, decomp is a must though, rest will hold no problemo
My engine was rebuild/revised 7000km back

Trust me he has done a lot of peugeots on stock engines with some serious hp numbers, tuning is also the key!!!!!!!

And will it blow , thats a good excuse the go forged, but since im aiming @ around 400...Pieter ensured me i wont be having any problems with the stock engine.
400 will be more than enough to blow my socks off.
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Incredible build, all those DP bits must have upset your bank manager!!

Will be reading with interest!
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Just a note on the bonnet vent, it's no NACA duct i'm afraid, more like a basic vent with the external shape of a NACA duct. NACA's are designed to be as un-disruptive as possible to airflow moving over the car wheres that is just a massive vent. Be careful where you position it too, the mark you've made on the bonnet is one of the worst places to put it as it's an area of low air density, it would be better either nearer the bulkhead or at the front of the bonnet.

Is it a carbonmods vent? Finish looks shocking, can see pitting on that that you'll only remove by applying more epoxy resin, if you sand too deep you'll burn the carbon and the finish will be even worse. I'd be demanding money back off the seller as that's down to poor moulding and casting. Trust me, I used to make stuff like that lol

Still, great project, shiny things made me hard lol
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