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Bought my Cossack back in February of this year which required some tlc.
[Image: IMG_0972.jpg]

Bought the car with a mind to break it for bits,but on the way back to the workshop she changed my mind Big Grin

The first job was to have a good look around her and make a job list up.]
Noticed the back floor was getting a crispy so i thought i would tackle this first.

Removed the the exhaust, spare wheel/holder and rear bumper to see the full extent of the problem....
[Image: IMG_0997.jpg]

Ns rear floor:
[Image: IMG_0999.jpg]

Os rear floor:
[Image: IMG_0998.jpg]

On further inspection it all seemed solid and i thought i might as well drop the rear beam and fuel tank and re paint all the areas which is not undersealed.

Beam came off with ease
[Image: IMG_1046.jpg]

Fuel tank was more tiresome....
[Image: IMG_1047.jpg]

And wallah!!

[Image: IMG_1049.jpg]

Ready for treatment.
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Cleaned up the floor with a bit of tfr and elbow grease.
[Image: IMG_0435.jpg]

Here is the two worst affected areas:

OS bumpstop:
[Image: IMG_0432.jpg]

NS bumpstop:
[Image: IMG_0433.jpg]

Pulled a lot of muck out this duct areas.
I think Peugeot should used more under seal....
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After cleaning up all the affected area with a wire brush and sandpaper i treated all the area with rust eater and applied some undercoat.

[Image: IMG_0471.jpg]

After a struggle with the bumps top cap bolts i finally got them free and removed them so i can treat the area around the bump stops,3 coats of rust eater,seam sealer,2 coats of metal under coat and the two thick coats of top coat.
[Image: IMG_1085.jpg]

Time for the wax oil,treated fuel tank and wheel arch area and then refitted the fuel tank with repainted tank support bars....
[Image: IMG_1081.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0518.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1080.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1084.jpg]

A few days later i removed the beam from a s16 that i had bought for parts last year and started to prepare the beam to be fitted to the cossack.
The beam had been re bulit and lowered 30mm. Oh and also had skip brown solid beam mounts too 8-)

[Image: IMG_1088.jpg]

Removed the rear disc back plates cleaned up and painted.
[Image: IMG_1101.jpg]

After cleaning all the dirt and grime off the beam it was ready for refitting, i thought about repainting the beam but i though better of it.

[Image: IMG_1102.jpg]
After a bit of a struggle i got the beam on to the car by myself.Plumbed up the brakes,refitted the abs sensors and fitted new handbrake cables.
[Image: IMG_0512.jpg]
Braided hoses too.
[Image: IMG_0513.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0515.jpg]

Has taken a few late evenings to get to this stage so far and there will be a few more to come.

Got some phase 2/3 rear lights too.

[Image: IMG_0523.jpg]
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Looks great! Nice phase and colour!

Looks like youve already put a lot of work into it!

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I know someone who will want this car to add to the collection!! Big Grin
[Image: Signature.jpg]
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TheGateKeeper Wrote:I know someone who will want this car to add to the collection!! Big Grin

ha ha ditto
Vehicle repair and servicing in the midlands pm for details 

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306 1.8 - track whore soon to be GTI6
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Very nice Cossack!
Sweet work on it
[Image: IMG_20130925_181339_zps95df48fa.jpg]
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TheGateKeeper Wrote:I know someone who will want this car to add to the collection!! Big Grin
How did you guess lol
I need 2 more to add to the collection then i can drive a different one every day of the week

To the op your car looks sweet good effort on the work you have done. If and whenever you decide to sell be sure to let me know as i collect cossack grey ph gti 6,s
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After finishing off the rear suspension i spun the car around in the workshop and jacked her up.

[Image: IMG_1242.jpg]

Removed the front struts and hubs and fitted some donor struts containing Blistien B4's and Elbach springs....
[Image: IMG_1236.jpg]
[Image: IMG_1237.jpg]

Then i fitted some used tarox discs and started to prep the front calipers & carriers for painting.
[Image: IMG_1239.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1240.jpg]

After this i started on the engine which was well over due a cam belt.
[Image: IMG_1243.jpg]

It had covered 47000 since the last change and the water pump,guide and tensioner looked all original from the day she rolled out the factory.

I also upgraded the cam pullies to the later type ones which seem a better design.
New water pump and timing belt fitted it was ready to tension the belt up with my new seem unit tension gauge....
[Image: IMG_1253.jpg]

Also gave her a full service and changed all fluids bar the power steering.

After all this was completed it was time for the test drive. Apart from the tracking being out she goes well, does not seem as fast as previous 6s that i have driven but that does not bother me.

Here is the glamor shots...

[Image: IMG_1259.jpg]
[Image: IMG_1255.jpg]
[Image: IMG_1258.jpg]

Still loads to do. Mot this week and loads of cosmetic bit and pieces left to do which will be fun.....
Just want to drive her for now and possibly take her up the hill at pugfest in a couple of weeks....
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i love phase1 Gti6s!
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Stunning now sell it to GTi.6 so he can add it to his collection Wink lol
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awesome car bud some good work gone into it, same with mine I bought to break but on the drive home I just realised it was never getting broken Big Grin
[Image: signiture.jpg]
Midnightclub Wrote:All the cool kids have ph 2 Nile 6's!
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Been a while, just been driving her while without too much issue.

Fitted some new drop links a couple of months and gave her a quick wash and took some pics.

[Image: IMG_1843.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1844.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1847.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1848.jpg]

She is filthy at the moment lol

Got few jobs that i will be doing in the near future after i have cleared the 306 graveyard that is my workshop.

Full mop of the paintwork.

Paint the black strips on the front and rear bumpers

Fit a short shift and uprated gear rods.

Possibly fit a de cat, unsure on this tho.

So plenty to keep me busy.
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Looks fantastic, wouldn't change a thing!

The front badge can be updated to a 106 one I believe, which has a solid lion instead of an outline, just makes it look a little fresher.
Disclaimer: The above is not to be taken to heart and is probably a joke, grow up you big girl.
[Image: Sig500x130.png]
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Is the 106 badge something you get secondhand or from Peugeot???

And what phase 106??
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Fapping awesome mate! that's my dream GTi6..
Welding and fabrication projects undertaken, contact me for more information.

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I believe the front badge from an S2 106 fits, however I have no idea whether it is bolt-on or has to be modified to fit....
Disclaimer: The above is not to be taken to heart and is probably a joke, grow up you big girl.
[Image: Sig500x130.png]
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That is one nice 6 you got there pal... Big Grin
[Image: Sig3_zpscd005eb1.jpg]
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That's a lovely car mate, well played. Smile
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Ph1 Cossack '6 are the nicest 6's IMO, looks amaze!
ONly tiny little thing I'd say needs changing is the fogs, they just look abit too small in the bumper. Are they originals?
Stage 2 XUD Sedan
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Thanks for the positive comments.

The front fogs are aftermarket ones and they are past it tbh, im looking for some OE ones with the yellow tint. But i have had no joy so far........
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Looking really good. God I love a ph1 Cossack.

Just get some standard fogs and paint/tint them yellow yourself, much easier Smile
[Image: 20A1806D-891D-40FB-BD52-AD519177A607-734...391753.jpg]
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(04-11-2012, 11:23 AM)stuwee Wrote: Thanks for the positive comments.

The front fogs are aftermarket ones and they are past it tbh, im looking for some OE ones with the yellow tint. But i have had no joy so far........

Ebay is your friend. The 205 and ph1 306's are the same. Sell them in yellow too
Stage 2 XUD Sedan
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+1 for Cossack. Your car looks genuinely amazing in the last photos. Really jealous! I would genuinely have bought a ph1 6 after binning the Diablo if a Cossack in good nick had been available!!
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Epic looking car, good work Smile
[Image: Ty8kl7b.jpg]
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Lovely Cossack really need to get my collection in order working 6 days a week don't
Don't de cat it you will regret it tbh
Just get yourself a cat back Jetex system
If your car is using a pattern cat bin it
And get hold of a genuine Peugeot cat
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Love a phase 1 '6, looks great in cossack too Smile
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looks good and the attention to detail in the restoration is epic. Cant wait to do something like this myself when i get a garage. I would have repainted that beam though just to make everything perfect underneath Big Grin
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A cossack ph1 6?! Rare old beast! Looks gorgeous though and in really good condition. Got yourself a very nice car Smile
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Love this! I so almost bought a cossack ph1 6 when i was looking for my first 306. Was put off by the insurance costs (was 19 at the time) but gutted i didnt get it!

Keep up the good work mate
Team Eaton

1999 China Blue 306 GTi6 - Eaton Supercharged - 214.5bhp 181lbft
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