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Petrol to diesel
Has anyone here done a petrol to diesel conversion?ive got a petrol 306 sedan and have put a 405 1.9 td lump in it, I’ve came to a standstill with the wiring, the plugs plug into each other but pins are all wrong, dash is haywire with lights and nothing is working correctly, anyone can help me with maybe a pin out or someone that has done this already?
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I figure there's going to be quite a few differences in the wiring. With numbers on here these days it's unlikely someone with all the info at their disposal will see your post. 

My recommendation would be to sign up for a 1 month trial to Autodata.

You should be able to access & dowload all the wiring diagrams you need. Just make sure you cancel before the month is up, otherwise you may be committed to an expensive subscription.

Are you changing over the instrument cluster to an appropriate diesel one too?
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best bet is a 306 loom, you'll also need a 306 turbo for it to fit nicely with a 306 downpipe.
need a part number? and will sort you out.
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