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Wanted car breaking for parts
Hi I'am looking for 306 aftermarket parts for sale as well as rear tail lights, wing mirrors(preferably aftermarket) spoiler and so on Phase 3

Show me what you got
Edit: anyone knows where to get the parts from the Haynes's modifying manual, as well as buying parts directly from Peugeot. Thanks for any help
Thanks given by: Mighty306
Welcome to the club & good luck in your search. I haven't personally modded any of my 306's so don't know much about it.

As for buying Peugeot original parts, the best thing is to phone your nearest dealer, although they're kind of few & far between these days. Not sure where you are but there's some in Taunton & Yeovil. You're best going armed with the PSA part number & insist they get it for you, otherwise they're likely to say it isn't available. (They won't have parts directly in stock & will have to source them from other dealers or abroad, which they often think is too much hassle).

eBay is a pretty good source of parts too but again you ideally need to be armed with part numbers. This thread & the one over on 306gti6 may be helpful
Thanks given by: Adamob200
check ebay for the parts. the car from the haynes manual was only stripped for parts a few months ago so you could have bought the actual car!

check ecosse and see what they have

and pug1off
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