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607 V6 into 306
I have a 1.6 306 platinum thats a bit beat and will become a project as soon as i buy my wife a new daily driver.

My father in law has a 607 rotting in the garden with a good v6 engine, suspension, wheels, brakes, etc.
My hope is to convince him to give up on the idea of paying the lein and restoring it (it had 2 inches of water sitting inside it last rainy season, its not worth it...) and letting me cut it up and put it all in the 306.
I'm a custom motorcycle builder and have a full shop so my only cost is my time and beer for my friends.

From what ive read, it will need some engine mounts and the wiring will take some patience.
Im wondering if anyone has swapped the whole front end from one pug to another? might be tough to adapt, might be impossible, please advise me.
Would be good to swap across the suspension, brakes and wheels at minimum.

Anyway ive got a full donor car and all the tools i need. Looking for any tips, details, or warnings!!!
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It'll be an interesting project, that's for sure. Not heard of anyone swapping the whole front end of the car. I imagine it's fraught with issues. Although a tight fit, as you seem to have already read, a 306 V6 conversion is do-able. From a v quick Google search you'll need to adapt the
engine mounts, shorten the driveshafts, lower the subframe a bit, sort the wiring, and no doubt mess with exhaust ...among other things!
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not sure if its the same engine but the v6 from the 306 goes in. obviously mounts and exhaust are the probably the hardest bit.
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as they were all post 1999 they will have the ES9J4S engine with the multiplexed ecu, FBW and vvt. same as the D9 406, an updated version of the D8 cable throttle engine.
need a part number? and will sort you out.
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