Peugeot 306 Rallye 16v - Black

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For Sale: Peugeot 306 Rallye 16v - Black

Peugeot 306 Rallye 16v
Black (1 of only 100 Built)
22 / 07 / 2021 (11 Months)
Almost Full (Everything since I purchased in 2014)
128682 (Shell, but engine on 70k ish)
07 / 20 (Just been done along with water pump)
Brand new beam 2017, done about 5k miles. No camber whatsoever

Lack of use.
This is my fourth 306. Always wanted the rarest and a Black Rallye was it. Bought it from a well known member of the club and have cherished it since. I've been to numerous shows, been to Switzerland and back, the Nurburgring etc. It's even had a couple of different looks over the years. I've LOVED owning this car. But it hasn't turned a wheel in two years other than when we moved house and I just don't use it anymore. Car IS modified, but it's all the sort after "good" performance enhancing mods. Bodywork is a little tatty as funds have always been on more fun stuff.

15" Cyclone wheels, Toyo T1-Rs that have done maybe 3000 miles. (Could do with a refurb)
Brand new set of Rallye Decals, from rikky (306gti6)
Full size spare Steel Wheel with never used tyre (about 3 years old)
4x Spare Steel Wheels (Blue)

Mint original Rallye Seats (No rips, no holes)
Mint original Rubber mats (No rips, no holes)
Original Cassette Radio + 6 Disc Clarion Multi Changer in boot (All original)(Radio has crack in it)
Tyre Iron & Jack present

2003 Xsara VTS engine fitted, engine done approx 70k miles now.
Brand new rear beam, 5k miles ago. No camber whatsoever.
Just had Cambelt and Water Pump done.
Along with full service.
Had total suspension refresh 2017, with Berlingon P-Bushes

Almost Full Service history, I have it's very first service (Stamp and receipt), and pretty much everything since, including all old MOTs and (just for fun) some old tax discs. The receipts I've got occupy 2 full binders and I've every receipt from 2014 until now, including the new engine and the most recent belt change etc.

Smooth Bonnet, ZX Single Wiper Conversion, Xsara Mist Washer Jets, Heko Wind Deflectors, Rear De-wiper, De-aerial'd, DTM-mirrors

Black Centre Fascia, Alpine Door Speakers, Rear Phase 3 "Stealth" shelf, GTi Leather Steering Wheel (Seen better days), Black Roof Lining, Black Cabriolet Sunvisors, Mirror Adjustor Blanks

Suspension / Handling:
Phase 1 2.4 Xsara VTS Steering Rack, Brand New Rear Beam (No Camber) with 21mm Torsion Bars, Hybrid ARB, Freshly Refurbed AVO Coilovers (About 60mm drop), OMP Upper Brace, phillipm ( Lower Brace, Berlingo P-Bushes

Engine / Transmission:
Scorpion Exhaust (Not too loud), rich_w ( Lightened Flywheel and rich_w Alloy Crank Pulley, Short Shift, Bigbadbowen ( Engine Mounts, Nissens Alloy Radiator

New Discs (Last year), braided brake hoses, 5.1 Dot Fluid, Yellow Stuff Brake Pads

I've most likely forgotten something here. Like I said I've loved this car and, in an ideal world wouldn't be parting with it. I've had some great times with it and I'm really hoping it goes to a fellow enthusiast that will maybe have a little bit more time than me to use it! I've been around the 306 owners clubs since 2006 and genuinely have nothing to hide. If you're mechanically minded (or have a friend who is) great, come and view. We can talk cars and poke around it all you want. We can jack it up, take a look underneath, whatever. If you're not mechanically minded I can provide my mechanic's number who would be happy to verify anything mechanical on the vehicle.

It drives beautifully, has had a new engine, just had the cambelt etc. replaced and just had a major service and work. Other than the bodywork is a little tatty (It's 21 years old!) the car is sound. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Please please please come and view the car before attempting to haggle on price. These things are better done in person. This sale is genuinely because I don't have time to use the car. It's not because I've been made redundant etc. so I'm not after a quick sale. I'm happy to wait for the right person with the right offer.

Car ISNT insured or taxed so cannot be driven on the road unless you are prepared to tax and insure it yourself before hand. And then test drives will only be given if you can prove your have FULL Comprehensive insurance OR I am holding the entire asking price in cash in my hands.

Car is located in the East Midlands, less than 5 minutes from the A607, A52 and A1. I will NOT ship the car abroad, nor entertain anyone that wants to do business in any other way other than arranging a time / date to visit, looks at the car, makes me an offer, pays me (Cash or Bank Transfer), signs the v5, insures it and taxes it themselves and drives away. Sold many cars on the internet before, you know who you are time wasters!!! I work Mon-Fri 8-5, so car is only viewable evenings and weekends (With prior appointment!). If you want to view during the day during the week, then I'll need a £100 REFUNDABLE deposit to be bank transferred to me so I know you are genuine for me to take a day off work to be home for the viewing.

If you're wanting to agree now, pay later. That's fine, give me a £100 deposit (Cash or Bank Transfer) once you've come to view it and pop back later with the rest. But the car won't be leaving my property until full agreed amount is exchanged. Grantham train station is only a 10 minute drive so happy to pick you up from there if you want to train in to pick up.

If you're going to be paying the full amount in cash I can only accept the cash during BANK OPENING HOURS, as I'm not comfortable having £££ in the house overnight. Unless you've paid me a deposit I reserve the right to sell it to someone else.

It'll come with about a quarter tank of fuel, a Haynes manual, and various other (small) spare parts I've accumulated over the years.

[Image: IMG-1659.jpg]
[Image: IMG-1669.jpg]
[Image: IMG-1662.jpg]

Loads more pics that I can't be doing with uploading. Drop me an email at or a whatsapp to 07971440368
||AVO Race GTX Coilovers||Signature Blue Steels||P1 VTS Rack||Hybrid ARB||21mm Torsion Bar||rich_w Flywheel||
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End of an era Confused . Good luck with the sale. Car looks great so you would hope there would be plenty of interest.
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Sad good luck with the sale
306 Rallye giving people a surprise because they think shes a 1.6 ;-) Silly people
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genuine seller and a great car. Smile
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Still miss my Rallye. Not everyday, but I find my mind drifting back to it when idle. Had some seriously fun times.

It went to a local lad in the end actually, think his intentions were true but he ended up buying the BLUE Rallye so mine ended up up for sale again. I'd asked for first refusal and he was true to that; but I wasn't quite prepared to be offered it 6 months after I'd sold it!

He sold it to a lad in the Republic of Ireland. I never asked what he sold it for, don't want to know incase he made a profit! Been in contact with the new owner, seems as if he's taking care of it and putting it back to standard for the most part I think. Pleased it's been taken care of!
||AVO Race GTX Coilovers||Signature Blue Steels||P1 VTS Rack||Hybrid ARB||21mm Torsion Bar||rich_w Flywheel||
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I wonder how many of the 'old guard' on here still own a 306?! I still have one as a daily but I wouldn't be surprised if this Winter kills it. The rear n/s inner wheel arch needs.some major rust repair. It's also going in multiple other places!

I'll miss the car when it's gone but I won't miss the constant attention it demands!
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