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Another newbie...
OK so it's quiet on here these days by the looks, but a wealth of great info on the XUD engines so thought I'd register and say thanks to all who've posted there over the years & thanks to all the folk who keep the place up and running.

Current project is swapping a multiplexed 206 1.1S to a 1.9TD, engine is currently loosely fitted awaiting me making proper engine mounts, and we've got suspension/brake upgrades, gearbox & interior sorted courtesy of a run down donor pre-plex'd GTi.  Wishing I'd kept the GTi flywheel now though as the clutch was brand new but doesn't fit the TD flywheel Sad

We do have a DW10 engine/box out of a 406 laying around and considering using the DMF/clutch off that although I did want to go to a push clutch. We'll work something out.

Anyway, there's a thread running on 206info if anyone's interested.  Cheers again to all the contributors in the XUD tuning scene (and particularly Messrs. Lobb and Mark(?), the other guy with a TD 206, for the inspiration).
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Welcome to the club! It's good to hear it's still proving useful & is appreciated. You obviously have some good knowledge so hope you can make some further contributions in the future. Smile
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