XUD Cambelt tracking side to side

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XUD Cambelt tracking side to side
Ok now, I did the valve clearances and as the cambelt needed changing I also changed the water pump, the tensioners and the belt itself 

INA tensioners, Gates belt, Airtex pump supposedly good makes. 

Now the car started immediately, the cambelt runs in the middle of the cam pulley and the IP pulley however it tracks in a weird side to side motion. The motion is quite slight (about 2 mm at the most) and quite slow, it doesn't occur at every revolution of pulleys, but still its the cambelt and the old one was rock solid with no movement. 

The new belt is properly tensioned, I am having thoughts about the cam pulley or the IP pulley being dirty not alowing the belt to run properly?
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wow a bit of an update...looking at it today it seems as the injection pump pulley is a bit wobbly. the center nut is tight, despite this the whole pump sprocket has a bit of wobble to it.

This wobbling throws the timing belt tracking a bit of.

Now I am so pissed that Bosch pumps are quite rare here, this would have been a perfect opportunity to finally chuck the Lucas away and fit a Bosch.
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That should still be straight though, perhaps you've somehow managed to tighten the nut when the pulley isn't fully seated on the pump?
A moments silence please, for our brothers in the NAD-zone.
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Could be, the scary part is that I have never pulled of the sprocket of the injection pump, I only checked today to see whether the center nut is tight and it is.

Possibly I have been driving like this for three years straight, I have never ever run the engine with the cambelt cover near the injection pump off to notice the wobble, lol.

I will possibly try to re seat the sprocket or change it.

It also looks to me as if the sprocket itself is somehow bent sideways. Looking at how thin the spokes are on it...is this a possibility or...?
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I mean, sure it's possible for it to bend. normally they just break though.

I guess it's not been an issue for it in the past, it's maybe best just to leave it? Smile
A moments silence please, for our brothers in the NAD-zone.
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I actually removed the the sprocket today and had a good look on the cone like seating surfaces and they were clean.

I hoped that I would find some rust but no. I put it all back together and I am leaving it be for the moment, lol...

Will try to find another sprocket in the future, been to the local french stuff breakers today, they managed to find me a lot of Bosch pump sprockets but not a Lucas one...lol. wish they had a complete Bosch pump.
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