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Cool Fan ID?
Hey folks,

I've inherited a 1998 ® 306 estate. Both cooling fans are seized/turn slowly with force and I'm looking to replace them.

Stamped on the fans themselves are 'GATE mp 8120 (I think... they're very rusted and hard to read!)

Does anyone know of the MPN for these fans or if they're used in another vehicle?  I'm having trouble trying to find replacements.

Kindest regards

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Hi Ashley,

If you've got the dual fan setup I assume your car came fitted with aircon. If it's also fitted with Gate fans as you suggest the part number for the fan/motor unit is 1253.87.  Options on eBay here. .  As you can see, a genuine Pug one is expensive.  Aftermarket part numbers here if you want to try searching directly for them .

You could probably get away with one fan if needs be, wired up to run at high speed only when it's on. Depends how tight your budget is and also how handy you are with a spanner & electrics. You'd almost certainly want to delete the aircon condensor to improve airflow though. It would also require deletion of a fair bit of wiring & installation in the radiator of a thermostatic switch (as used in non-ac models), wired to the control side of the relay for the fan. The disadvantage of doing this is that you lose the function of the over-temp warning light on the dash as that effectively ends up being bypassed.

(I have done something similar on my daily after issues with multiple corroded connections on the relay connection blocks at the front of the fan housing. It's a common problem. Both fans were still working though so I wired them up in series to only ever run at low speed off a single relay. Never had an issue, even sat in traffic on hot days. Temps drop very quickly once fans come on. I have thought about installing a 2nd 115 degree switch somewhere in the cooling circuit to wire directly to the warning light on the dash).

Another alternative is just to install an aftermarket fan. Again, depends how handy you are as you'd need to fabricate some brackets & again deal with altering the wiring to suit.
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