Power steering rack.....replacement options

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Power steering rack.....replacement options
G’day forum from Sydney 

(I posted hello in newbies to intro my project 306 and about Whilst in Covid-19 lockdown my son and I decided to take on a project car.......)

Thanks to internet and piggy power you tube We’ve done a fair bit ,but now run into a big thing (well, before we do timing belt and serpentine belt plus ancillaries)

Biggest query though is that I looked at steering rack today and noticed a worn gator on drivers side steering rack rod.   It’s full of grit and not much grease (shite steering doh!) in the steering rack. Probably not something I can refurb, though the rest looks ok......including links, ram and rods etc.

There’s not a lot of options for aftermarket Peugeot parts here and shipping is expensive.
Are there any alternative new aftermarket power steering racks that i could fit? 
Or other vehicle brands I could look at searching for?

Or could it be worth refurbishing it ourselves?

It seems like most folks have fun removing and refitting power steering rack........so tips appreciated there too!

Thanks for any help.

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I have heard people like more pics, so here’s a few more of the steering and suspension bits needing some TLC........not bad for a 265k car and 2yrs sat on the drive.

So here’s the project:


Rear left rear suspension bush:


Rear right rear suspension bush:


Steering rack (note missing boot, full of grit in the grease that’s left!):


And another view:


Some bushes at the front a little rough:






I’m sure that’ll do for now.......
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First off, you Aussies are so lucky in one respect. Compared to a UK car that is sooo clean underneath. One thing you won't have to tackle by the looks of it is a rusting chassis or seized bolts.

Looks like the knocking you're getting (mentioned in your other post) could be the drop links. Cheap n easy to replace luckily.

The rear control arm bushes may need attention too (will tighten up the handling) but couldn't tell properly from the pics. If you've read around you'll see most people recommend replacing them with Berlingo ones, which have a slightly different design but fit n last longer. The front control arm bushes aren't usually a problem.

Front anti-roll bar bush looks OK. These are split bushes anyway.

Re the beam bushes, although the rear ones have some minor cracking they're not usually the ones that cause issues with knocking / poor handling. It's the front ones, but they're difficult to see/check as it's hard to manually apply enough force to the rear beam to observe excessive movement. Look at replacing them if:
* you get a load banging from the rear when going over stuff like speed bumps or
* front suspension / steering is all sorted but handling still feels very loose going in to corners.
Otherwise I'd leave them alone. 

As for the steering rack, the failed gaiter could well have compromised the inner track rod joint and rack & pinion itself. Only way to check though is to pull it out n then in the first instance I'd get looked at / reconditioned by a power steering specialist. They'll tell you whether it's within tolerance & may even be able to replace some of the internals if needed. Here in the UK a refurb cost me £90, including the new gaiters. (The ram can't be easily repaired so it's good that seems ok).  The notchy feeling could also be caused by a failing power steering pump btw. With the aux belt off check it spins freely with no play in the bearings. (Pumps can be reconditioned for a little less than a rack, in the UK at least).
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That’s awesome mighty306, thanks for the advice.......it was looking like all sorts might’ve been wrong in there, but you’ve given us a bit of confidence that we don’t have to completely rebuild the pug 
Right about it being clean and not too rusty. I was surprised and yes, bolts aren’t too bad. Got the lambda off any cleaned the other day, no dramas.

Happy you think rear beam mounts and sway bushes seem ok. That’s good to hear.

But as for steering and suspension, went online to pug wreck in Melbourne. Good helpful guys there and ordered:

- replacement steering rack coming from pug wreck yard (low mileage and tested)
- new lower tie rods
- new upper tie rods
- new sway bar drop links 
- new P bushes

Hopefully courier gets them here for weekend.
We will leave the rear beam bushes for now.

Was thinking about whole control arm as P bushes might be tough to replace without proper tools/ press so I hear reading forums.  However, gonna leave control alarms for now and just do P bushes. Not sure about control arm ball joints. They looked ok, just old.....and tired (know that feeling).

I might go and stick this into the project thread as there’s such a range of things.
I’m sure pics of trying to swap steering will entertain a few out there anyway. Lots of reading ahead to plan the replacement!

Cheers for advise again
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You've probably seen Piggy's guide on p-bush upgrade. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=811Nb9-vK5Q

Another previously active member on here (Bash Barnard ...living up to his name) also did a video guide. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPtsFeuBMlM

If you were being ultra cautious you could drill out the rubber just to leave the inner metal sleeve that is an interference fit to the control arm. If you cut vertically most of the way through it you should be able to get it to split off with a cold chisel. Edit: The alternative bushes are Peugeot / Citroen number 3523.83 (also fitted to the Peugeot Partner).

Pay particular attention to the last bit of Piggy's video. If you want your new bushes to last you need to torque the bolts up with the suspension under load, otherwise they end up under a lot of tension, even when the car's at rest.  I personally leave a tiny bit of load on the axle stands so there's no chance of them moving if the jack fails.

.....oh and great news on sourcing a replacement rack! Keep up updated with your mini-project if you have time.
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Regarding the steering rack, I have to mention that they can be refurbed only if the rack teeth and the pinion it self are not too worn. A way to check this is to put a 18 mm socket and an extension on the nut that tightens the ram to the rack itself and try to turn the rack by pushing up and down.

There should be little if any play. If the rack itself turns too much, the teeth are too worn and generally it can't be refurbed.

The notchy steering can also be due to wear inside the control valve.

I had a similar issue with my Citroen Xsara and changing the control valve only made a world of difference in terms of steering feel.

Everything else in the rack can be refurbed fairly easily, a new bush (sleeve) can be made in fitted the surface of the rack can be brought to polish once again, etc.
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Cheers, that's some good info there.
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Have a look at solid rear beam mounts. It changes the handling of the car and is a worthwhile upgrade for most people.
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Thanks for the advise Johnny and co.

Replacement low km rack and hydraulic piston arrived today from Melbourne Pug Wreck. It looks great condition and upper tie rods seem ok too.
Have replacement tie rod ends and P Bushes.......so should be a good way to spend the lockdown weekend watching all the videos and reading advise on swapping out old steering rack and tie rods.

Not sure about lower control arms or ball joints........I’m going through all hassle of doing P bushes, should I do front bushes and ball joints whilst it’s all off the car? Advise before Saturday would be great so I can go to local parts dealer if advise is yes, do ARB bushes, ball joints and front bushes too.

Wise words welcome.

As for rear beam, I did the hand past the wheel test to body (thanks mighty), and could just slide hand to knuckles on both sides. So not rubbing yet, so guess rear beam is ok (looked like slight tilt in of rear wheels at top, but not massive). And if not doing all that yet then assume best to also leave rear axle dampers for now. And see how the thing feels after doing:

- front ARB Drop links
- new steering rack
- new tie rod ends

As said........happy for any wise words (as advise johnny- will test steering for refurbability- is that a word?)

Of course. Once that’s all done next is timing belt, and other stuff......but that’s another thread Smile
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If the ball joints don't have play in them I wouldn't replace them just now - not a big deal to do them at a later date if you need to. Anyway, you can only easily replace them if you have the bolt-on (original style) rather than aftermarket control arms which often have BJ's that are rivetted in place. If/when you do replace them there are 2 sizes that came on these cars - 16mm or 18mm & you won't know which size you have until you remove them.

Also, the front bushes on the control arm tend not to wear so should be OK - only replace if they look shot. In the pics you posted the ARB bushes also looked OK (no big cracks / tears) but you'll really have to make your own visual assessment.

Happy fettling!
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