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Hello, just signed up, need some advice please. I have (or rather the Mrs has) a 306 xsi 2000cc 1995. Having idling problems, going to try renewing the ICV. Local parts centre wants just short of £90 for a new ICV. Saw some on ebay (brand new) for under £20. All it says in the description is that it fits a 306, will this fit the vehicle I have, are they all the same or do they vary. I don't have a part number so hard to tell.
 Many thanks in advance.
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I'll look up part number for you later n cross reference it to some half-decent aftermarket parts. Don't buy one of the really cheap ones. They tend to be crap.
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Ok, many thanks.
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Part numbers for correct ICV below. Can you give a description of the symptoms and whether it's only at idle. There are many things that can cause a poor idle. If it's bouncing around dramatically or staying quite high for a while sometimes and then drops back to normal sometimes then ICV possibly is cause, or lack of ECU control over it. If it's a rough, unsteady idle but stays close to the intended idle speed (800rpm ish) I'd be tempted to suspect something else (e.g. injectors or poor spark).  Have you got access to any diagnostic equipment?

Peugeot part number is 1920.N1 for ICV (often also listed without the dot 1920N1 or 1920 N1). Follow this link to see numbers for matching aftermarket parts. .  Magneti Marelli would be first option. VDO also OK.  Bosch, Delphi, Hella, Quinton Hazell, Topran, Vemo & Pierberg probably acceptable. Other brands not on the partinfo link are Intermotor or Cambiare which are generally acceptable (but aren't as good as Magneti Marelli which are generally what was installed in the factory). In those cases try to use their own online catalogues to check compatability.

Depends how much you want to spend. e.g. (from search "Peugeot 1920.N1")

With eBay, check the listing really thoroughly. It's not uncommon for a search to bring up parts that don't match. (e.g. they'll put 1920.N1 on the listing but when you check further the actual part number does not cross-reference to 1920.N1).

Good luck!
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Hello, many thanks for the effort you have given this.
The symptoms are, when starting from cold the engine hunts. When its warm it stalls at idle.
It drives ok normally.
A friend has advised me to remove the ICV & clean it with carburetor cleaner & then refit it.
I think I might try that first & see how it goes from there. Just waiting for some dry weather.
Thank you again for your effort.
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Does sound like ICV. Cleaning them rarely works so you'll almost certainly be looking at getting a new one. If you're getting some carb cleaner then clean out the throttle body as best you can while you're there. (Hold butterfly open n clean both butterfly & body).
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