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wire identification

So, i have found a broken wire which may have from time to time touched the ecu metal carrier and possibly caused problems.

The wire in question is a gray one from the ecu and branches off to the round plastic connector right by the ecu, which then dissappears under the near side wing and on to the front of the car.

The grey wire has "dimples" on its run. I cannot find any numbers on this wire nor find it or the connector in my notes. I can post some pictures on my next visit but could someone post the schematic for the round connector and possibly say where this grey wire goes and what it does please. It is a small wire so is for a sensor on sign wire and comes from the ecu.

All help greatly appreciated.

Further to above, see the pictures......

The grey wire does have some numbers, being     **1384  507  510  1129.  I presume the number 1384 is the wire number??

The connector has 8 wires which seem to change colour in joining connector that goes thru the wing.

The top picture shows the plug, the grey wire going to the bottom row centre terminal.

The next shows the dimples on the grey wire and the broken wire, which may have been cut ??

The next shows the other connection that goes thru the wing. and the last shows the ecu unit.

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