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'96 1.6i - first car, where to start?

I just got a '96 306, 1.6i petrol, 90cv, 5 doors.
The seller just passed the annual inspection, so I got it with a rebuilt back suspension, new back brakes, new steering ball joints, and some more stuff I'm forgetting.
I rediscovered my passion for mechanic work, so I'm excited to get my hands dirty and learn a lot.
Any checks you guys would recommend? Something I may have missed before buying...

Everything fine for this first week, but I noticed that there is too much wind noise at high speeds (>80kph).
Are the rubber seals on the doors and windshield particularly hard to change?

Thank you all and have a fine night!
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Welcome to the club. Sounds like you got yourself a car with some of the main things sorted. If the wishbones were replaced when the ball joints were done then you will have got new p bushes too. (Some wishbones come with replaceable ball joints tho).

It's a 23 year old car so a few whistles n freaks seem pretty normal to me. My current daily is far from quiet & sophisticated these days!
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