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rear ARB bush size needed.
I had a great drive in the Northern Territory of Australia for a few months, but my 306 sedan is in storage now and I am back in New Zeakand. I noticed oil seeping from the arb end brackets, oil because I am running gear oil in the axle. The swinging arm bearings were in good condition so tried this lubrication method (using a bung and breather) to see how it goes. (No leaks from the major arm bush seals, surprisingly)
I notice the standard bushes are described as rubber (not good with oil), and somewhere the end seal described as neoprene.
While home with my lathe, I would like to make nylon bush replacements for the rubber bushes, but don't have accurate id/od and length required.
If someone with the revelant end plate and housing could do these measurements for me I can get busy preparing some for my next trip.
I did get an HT bolt to withdraw the end plate last time but quit when I seen they were on quite tight.
I chamfered the end of the bolt slightly for next time so that it doesn't spread the end of the thread.
I'm not sure how positive the neoprenes end seals are, If the bushes are neat enough fit I could try an inside and outside groove and fit o-rings there as well.
Thanks for any help/advice in this area.
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