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DW8 heater hoses
One of the heater hoses failed the other day and I'm struggling to even get a part number let alone the part. They connect the block to the heater matrix at the bulk head.

It's a 2000 306 1.9d with the DW8 engine.

Part number seems to be something like 6464 and looks very similar to (but not quite the same bends) as

Peugeot Partner Citroen Berlingo Xsara 1.9D Heater Radiator Pipe Hose 6466.63

[Image: Peugeot-Partner-Citroen-Berlingo-Xsara-1...diator.jpg]

Local peugeot parts desk won't return my call, but will keep trying.

Any ideas?

You can see the pipes at the top of this picture

 [Image: a20886cb5124a86027c57ceacfce48a9.jpg]
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Probably a bit late to be giving you this info now, but as far as I can tell from Servicebox the 4-way heater hoses for a DW8 in a 306 has part number 6464.GA.

If the hose didn't fail right by one of the unions then you could possibly cut out the failed section & use some generic couplings & EPDM hose of the correct size to make a repair.
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Thanks for taking a look. Still stuck with this as other things getting in the way of getting it sorted.

It's failed just after the clip in the top right of the picture. The rest of the hose appears in decent condition, so could cut this bit out. Just not sure how best to do it so close to a bend.

I had made a note of 6464.GA on my shortlist, not sure where I got that from now. Can't find anything searching for it, not even an image!
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I'm not surprised you're struggling to find the part. I imagine they haven't been available from Peugeot for a long time. Same with all models I think.

You can replace the bend. Search eBay for EPDM hose & you'll find a host of choices like this. or items from this store

The latter do kits including connectors & 90 degree bends with a long straight section either side if that's what you need.

Hope that helps.
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