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PP2000 and 306 diesels
Inherited a 1 owner, low milage 1999 306TD Meridian Est with no keys an am trying to get it started rather than being sensible and scrapping it.

Bought a Lexia3(rev C allegedly) interface off fleabay with the usual software.

After literally a week, I have managed to get both PP2000 Ver(22.14 & 25.01) and DiagSys working. Tried a couple of old XP SP3 laptops, turned off wi-fi, av and firewall, uninstalled a few things re-interpreted the keygen and it works, but when I actually use PP2000 all I get is "The ECU has not replied". I then created a VM on my Windows10 Laptop, overcame the floating point CPU problems with Winfloat.exe but get the same "The ECU has not replied".

The program doesn't see the Lucas injector pump never mind show me the options for key programming, which is what I need to do to get it going. Autolocksmiths don't seem to be interested on the rare occasion that they pick up.

Does PP2000 work with diesels? Do I need an older version?
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no ecu on the 19 td thats why planet wont see it!
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Don't know anything about the dturbos I'm afraid but when you're loading PP2000 make sure you select 306R. That stands for 'revision' from 1997. I.e. All phase 2's & 3's. It unhelpfully shows a picture of a cabriolet on it ..on my version at least.

I assume you got the key code info you'll need from Peugeot? You need it if you don't have access to an already programmed key.
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"no ecu on the 19 td thats why planet wont see it!" - of course it's mechanical! Silly me. How quickly we forget.

I have been choosing 306R, I finally figured that out after much research. I too thought is was for cabriolets at first!

So, I've been checking the OBD DLC and am getting only a tiny PD of around 0.01V on pin 7. I am presuming it should be higher and this may be the root cause of my problems?
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