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Australian "Style" 1998 306 1.8 16V...
Hey all, joined the forum as it's the best source of information I could find about my car...

Kind of found and bought the car on a whim, I was looking for something cheap, got rid of something more modern, wanted to go back to owning a small 3 door manual hatchback, cause I used to own one of the English built Nissan Micras and I miss small cars.

Was legit blown away by how well the 306 drives, I have never been in one, been in a heap of Jap cars and such, the Peugeot feels special, it's got soul, feels sporty vs other cars I looked at, and no one wants them here so it was dirt cheap.
Mine only had 95000kms on the clock, and someone at some point has looked after it very well, and while it's got a few issues, and some epic clear coat peel, it feels like a good long term project car to do a few things on and use as my daily hack for when I'm not riding my motorbike.

Thus far, I fit a stereo system... like within two weeks of buying it!, as the stock unit was terrible and I do like my in car tunes (Spotify).
I also had to do the throttle cable, I have no idea how, but the stock cable had fallen down the back of the engine and sat on the exhaust and it was rusted and broken in the middle (realized I'd driven it home only getting half throttle).
My clutch cable seems shagged, I'm like 75% sure it's the cable, clutch action feels awful and heavy/sticky action, got to do that soon, throttle cable sucked to replace, clutch cable also looks like a pain.

Car has other issues, on the way home I stopped at a servo and it just sat there reving itself at idle, but the car smells and looks like it's been off the road a year or two, maybe more, it's got that not been run in ages stink, and musty inside, it's running better and better the more I drive it, though I picked up a throttle idle valve, and also sprayed some carb cleaner down the intake, some idle issues seem to have gone, but it does not drop revs as fast as I think it should, so got to do that valve and maybe check it for vacuum leaks.

Forum resources here have already been handy for a few things, including me wanted to fit a keyless entry system that works real soon...

[Image: My%20306.jpg]
[Image: Stereo%2001.jpg]
[Image: Stereo%2002.jpg]
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