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ABS Warning light info
After my rest in Russia and getting back to unmothballing the 306 the ABS warning pops on. It is off down to my local garage and a diagnostic with his wireless tablet sized tool. It says a sensor fault exists. With more checks he shows me the nearside front sensor is showing the wheelspeed when he rotates it so it is fine The offside sensor doesn't pick up the wheel speed. and he shows me the ring has broken The solution is to change the ring at the outer end or just fit a new drive shaft. Now I don't want to have to mess around fitting a new ring and that anyway costs around £40 and a work charge of about £80.  A new drive shaft fitted solves the problem with a charge  about the same  and a drive shaft at around £80 . So the thinking is a new shaft removes any future problems for a long time and I don't want to mess arouns doing the job myself which I could do. HINT.However  this short post shows you what the defect is and the ring is behind the wheel at the end of the joint. The ring is supposed to rotate along with the shaft and as it is broken it can not.

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If it can break it will. Matter over mind will fix it. Idea
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Where on earth has he found an ABS ring costing £40!? I've bought a few for less than a tenner...

It literally only takes a few minutes to swap over and saves having to drop the gear oil and damage the diff oil seal. The offside shaft is a complete pain to remove due to the centre bearing as well.
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I didn't look too far for this ring just to get the photo really . How do you change the ring ?
If it can break it will. Matter over mind will fix it. Idea
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Jack that corner up and remove the wheel. Buzz the hub nut off with an impact gun (or use a long bar and an assistant on the brake pedal). Remove the hub to wishbone pinch bolt and then lever the ball joint out of the hub. Then you should be able to push the CV joint out of the hub. The old ABS ring should just fall off if it's cracked. Remove any rust with a wire brush. Then heat the new ring to expand it (I stuck mine in the oven) and it should just slip on, light tap with a hammer to make sure it sits square. Then refitting is a reverse of removal as Haynes says!
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