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CG Clutch - Paddle Vs Dual Friction
I'm looking at clutch's for the HDI the Helix seem to be very expensive the 380pounds vs 300 for a cg paddle and 270 for a cg dual friction.

I'm aiming for stage 2 power figures 180bhp to 300 ft lbs of torque, while trying to keep an oem pedal feel. 

Whats the CG paddle clutch like to live with?

Has anyone tried the dual friction cg clutch?
Project 205 D turbo- Reshell :
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I personally don't think paddle clutches are as bad as some people make out but there is certainly a noticable difference from a standard clutch. A Lot more bittier. I've had CG ones in the past and had mixed results with them. In mine currently is one made by a local company to me and is all good but i haven't done massive miles on it. They are ok to live with daily but after a while you will certainly rather a standard feeling clutch back.

Haven't seen much about the helix ones personally as i think most people go for the cheaper option of a CG one.
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