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Hello from a new owner (of 2 x 306 cab's)
Hi everyone,

Just introducing myself before I ask for HELP!

I now have two Peugeot 306 cabriolets.

The first is a 2002 1.8 petrol, and the second a 2002 1.6 automatic.

The first needs a new exhaust and some work on the electrics (the petrol guage, rev counter, odometer, clock/temp, light (when drivers door open) do not work, so any ideas on those would be very helpful.

The second, just purchased, the automatic, now the central locking does not work and I'm locked out of the boot (the key does not turn the lock in the the boot lock).

I bought the second so the first could go to a garage (any recommendations?) for repairs, but the second with the boot fault (I need to get into the boot as there is stuff in there I need) I'm a little worried.

Anyone fancy mentoring me in the art of 306 cab-ing? :-)

Kind regards,
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The central locking fault is most likely a dodgy door loom. If you peel back the rubber gaiter you'll probably find some snapped wires in there, it's very common on 306s. The key barrels seize up through lack of use so a good spray of penetrating fluid into the lock barrel may free it up. Alternatively a previous owner may had changed keys/locks so now they no longer match.

The electrical issues on the first car sound more complex. Did they all stop together or have things been failing individually?
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Welcome to the club. I think lot of the things you mention as not working on the first car run off the same 5A fuse. That might be relevant, however, on a non-cab the immobiliser also runs off that fuse. I'm assuming it's the same on a cab n the car starts. So, either the fuse is in fact fine or if it's blown then the assumption is you have an unlocked ECU in the car. (Do you have an owners manual showing the fuse layout?).

If the fuse has blown then the next question is why n tracking that down could be a challenge. It may be worth paying a specialist auto electrician for a bit of their time.
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