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306 HDI Project bits

I have many HDI bits from my project, that I've since decided not to continue.

First is the Engine. Engine is fully complete and was pulled form a running car. 

Engine spec;
     - Rebuilt head, new values, skimmed, seals and gaskets ect.
     - R70 Fuel Pump
     - ARP head studs
     - good set of 076 injectors
     - Replaced Cam belt kit

Engine was running strong making good power the rebuild was done around 6k miles ago. 

For the above I'm looking for £300 but I'm open to offers as unsure of the value of these engines these currently. 

I also have a set of H&R coil overs available (as found here looking for around £250.

Other big bits are;
     - Baker BM Mounts brand new - £155
     - Radiator - £20
     - Freashly painted and seam welded sub frame with wishbones (bigger p bushes) and ARB all in good condition - £40
     - GTI6 billet flywheel - £100
     - HDI gearbox (low mileage 86k) - £50
     - 2 complete stock HDI heads
Aside from all this I have an assortment of 306 generic parts, gauges and trims. Ask for any details. 

All prices are ONO and collection, postage may be available for some items at cost.

Thanks Jake.

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