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Wanted: Lots of 306 parts and c5 steel (alloy wheels)
Hi guys.

Recently got a 2.0 xsi almost given. Its a great car but does need some interior bits. Car is 3dr with sunroof.

I need:

One cap that covers the nut on the wiper arm. Looks like a circle with a flat side.

Drivers sunvisor mirror flap is missing. Either a flap, whole sunvisor or a pair of sunvisors please.

Rear ashtray as the handle/fascia is missing.

A biggy. The control panel for the map lights and sunroof control is missing the cover and also all its lenses and alarm sensor lens for some reason. Ideally a complete unit please?

Gearknob. 5 speed. Leather. Mine has nasty worn leather.

Jack in the box.

I'd possibly be interested in a complete sunroof cassette and passenger side window reg if anyones breaking a car cheap.

Finally. I really want the heavy xsi alloys off it. Does anyone have a set of the light steel (alloy) wheels from the citroen c5?

It would be lovely if you were somewhere near Yorkshire!
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I got a pair of sun visors on eBay. Item number is for door sill but check other items mate 333177038435
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