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HDi - Down on power
I just put a replacement engine in my car, I've been having a few issues which I think is down to the car not fuelling correctly.

The car runs and drives fine, the only issue is the car seems down on power and even currently with the boost controller wound all the way out (I'm seeing around 14psi at the inlet) but no black smoke out the exhaust which id expect with the fuel in the map.

When stationary if you go full throttle you get a bit of black smoke followed by a chuff of whiite but under load even with standard boost pressure there is nothing.

Engine has just been serviced including fuel filter.
Injectors swapped & leak off tested.
Lift pump swapped.

Specs of car:
Front mount intercooler
Stage 2 ProSteve Map (Boost to be set to 20psi)
EGR Removed and blanked
Manual boost controller

I am in the process of getting Peugeot Planet set up so i can look at live data.
Does anyone have any ideas in the meantime?

Thanks in advance.
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Try unplugging the MAF
[Image: Ty8kl7b.jpg]
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