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XU10J4R gearbox help
Hey everyone I'm a newbie so sorry if this is in the wrong place! 

I have a citroen zx volcane project not a 306 I know but everything underneath is the same as I'm aware. I've got a 2.0 16v XU10J4R lined up from a 306 gti. I'm going to have all sorts of questions but first up what gearbox is best? Needs to hold power I'd like to build it up with a turbo.

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Welcome along ZX mad. First, just need to clear up engine designations. The XU10J4R was in the 306 XSi, 406 and a number of other models. On the 306 it was never badged as a Gti. The GTi-6's got the XU10J4RS with a lot of differences and an extra 32bhp. Main differences are in the top end & also RS had different pistons for higher compression.

The XU10J4R has a fundamentally good head (v similar to MI16 but with very mild cams n weak-ish valve springs). Bottom end is apparently capable of handling a lot more power.

BE3 gearbox, incl the 6-speed from the GTi-6 will bolt straight on (as I'm sure you already knew). is a mine of information when it comes to modifying PSA engines n use of PSA gearboxes.
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Hi Mighty306 thanks for your reply,
I checked and the engine is from a 306 xsi, so definitely the XU10J4R unless its had a engine swap for any reason.
I'm looking for the stronger gearbox I have a few (6) diesel zx's been told the gearbox has a better ratio but the standard diff probably wont hold the power id be looking at.
What would be the best set up?

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diesel ratios will be horrible on a petrol engine.

get a lsd like a 3j or tranx etc
need a part number? and will sort you out.
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