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Blower Fan
Mine just out of the blue stopped working on Saturday (in a 405d) all fuses good so I removed the glovebox and dropped the blower motor to find it was seized (not badly) having worked it a little I turned on ignition and lo and behold she spun like a good un and the variable speed worked fine . My question is just how do you lubricate the thing to stop this from happening again and whats best to use. Thank you
ps It all looks rather inaccessable to me.
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The problem is the motor is in the bottom and any debris and water that gets into the system goes down to the motor which results in it being seized like your experience. You could add a filter over the intake which is under the scuttle panel on the passenger side of the car. There is a drain hole under this which drops water onto the arch liner. Check this isnt blocked.
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