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Turbos for pug 306 1.9 dt (XUD9TE)??
I there guys...

I own a peugeot 306 1.9 dt (Xud9TE) 1998, lucas pump, since my current turbo have been working hard for a long time, sooner or later it may die...   Doh

So, to prevent myself, i was wondering wich turbos go well with this engine?? i was looking for one that could be almost "plug and play", since i´m replacing it at home (probably).
Turbos like Garret gt17 or gt15 (from the HDI's engines) are easy to install? What it takes to replace it? what do you guys sugest?

i Let here some mods/specs i have done:

Top mount intercooler;
Stock turbo: Garret T2 (not shure) 1.25 bars full boost (~3200rpm);
Lucas pump;
          - turned 90º on max fuel;
          - LDA almost to the max (tell me if it's wrong doing it);
          - Advanced 1 "teeth" on the belt (pump timing);
Decat (keeping the middle and back box)
Stock Intake
Running 10W-40 semi-synthetic oil.
(it is not smoking like those crazy diesels TMI )

Thanks everyone for the help.
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Hi, I'm not as experienced as most on this forum, I have a 1999 306 1.9td but play around with older XUD7 and XUD9 in my 405's.
Reading these forums a bit, one area worthy of attention seems to be the wastegate adjustment.
The Garrets have an adjustable length shaft, the KKK has a screw in the middle.
I would guess that if you are increasing fuel, you would want to ensure the wastegate is not 'creeping' or opening too soon.
I dont know the best test conditions for boost pressures, would it be accellerating in 3rd or 4th gear perhaps?
Edit: Travelled over a pass on the weekend.
Holding 3rd gear on a a hill with the foot down and my guage started flicking at 16psi which will be the wastegate. Will try to increase this.
My guage is industrial type with 23psi full scale, so believable.
Later Edit:
Travelled over a different pass with many slow inclines towing a trailerload and it was great to see the turbo boost being used heavily even at lower rpms with moderate pedal.
Didn't seem to use more diesel than my usual faster driving with no load/less boost.
With an unloaded car, it requires flooring the pedal and higher revs to get the boost pressure to climb.

I found it interesting you adjust the timing by the belt, rather than the pump mounts, but I guess it makes sense as the pump is running at half engine speed so in engine degrees that would be half the number of pump teeth divided by 360.
No movement on the delivery pipes to think of but acess to the belt adjuster required?
On the subject of turbos, I read yesterday that the later 1.6 turbo diesels have a high horsaepower version using a garret turbo with special wastegate features. I haven't found the details yet. (Computer control related?)
The alternative low hp version uses a mitsubishi turbo (wiki)
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