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Turbos for pug 306 1.9 dt (XUD9TE)??
I there guys...

I own a peugeot 306 1.9 dt (Xud9TE) 1998, lucas pump, since my current turbo have been working hard for a long time, sooner or later it may die...   Doh

So, to prevent myself, i was wondering wich turbos go well with this engine?? i was looking for one that could be almost "plug and play", since i´m replacing it at home (probably).
Turbos like Garret gt17 or gt15 (from the HDI's engines) are easy to install? What it takes to replace it? what do you guys sugest?

i Let here some mods/specs i have done:

Top mount intercooler;
Stock turbo: Garret T2 (not shure) 1.25 bars full boost (~3200rpm);
Lucas pump;
          - turned 90º on max fuel;
          - LDA almost to the max (tell me if it's wrong doing it);
          - Advanced 1 "teeth" on the belt (pump timing);
Decat (keeping the middle and back box)
Stock Intake
Running 10W-40 semi-synthetic oil.
(it is not smoking like those crazy diesels TMI )

Thanks everyone for the help.
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