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Hi my name is Scott I currently have a 1999 306 2 litre hdi estate in Diablo red.
I’ve only recently acquired the car from a friend for the princely sum of £200 
It has done 102000 miles and is a bit dented and scratched but otherwise in tidy condition.

I previously owned a 2005 Landrover Freelander Td4 and got rid of it because it was going wrong constantly, in fact I spent over £3000 in two years on repairs (mostly transmission parts)

Anyway my dad owns a 1998 306 1.9 dturbo estate, and I’m so impressed with it as it has done over 200000 miles and rarely goes wrong and has not one bit of rust. 

So when a friend said he wanted to sell his 306 I snapped it up.
I really am dissolutioned with new cars with their duel mass flywheels and EGR valves etc, they really are crap and hoping this hdi will be as reliable as my dad’s so I’d loved to hear off anyone who drives a hdi what they think of it and it’s reliability and common faults etc.

So that’s me and I look forward to speaking to other members  Rofl
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Welcome! Engine is generally bulletproof, mine is on 203k with nothing other than servicing/aux belts. Rear calipers commonly bind on, electric windows can play up and there can be creaks/squeaks from the interior and mechanicals (usually suspension bushes etc). Generally a good car and still love mine 5 years on. Get yourself a stage 1 remap (makes a massive difference). Get some photos up of your new wheels Smile
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Welcome along to the club. Not an HDi owner myself but there are plenty of members on the site who are. Am sure they'll be happy to help out if you have any engine-specific issues.

Lots of info on the site about problems common to all models - e.g. Door electrics n rear suspension beams.
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