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306 estate

Just bought my first 306.  It's a metallic blue on a 1999 V with < 80k.

A few issues, which I'll be posting about!

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Welcome along Stewart.  A lot of people really rate the 1.8 engine.  Hope you're enjoying it!
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I am enjoying it, it's pretty torquey. Less than 150 miles into ownership but it's looking positive.
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Welcome to the club! The 1.8 is great. Its revvy as its a square engine and it was pretty bullet proof in my experience. Its the head that lets it down otherwise it would match the XSI in terms of power. Smile You can fit the gti6 inlet for more bwarps and you can fit the exhaust manifold too as thats another limiting factor. The main issue is the management which cant be mapped so youd have to go standalone. Anyway... enjoy the car and the engine! Big Grin
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