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Heater controls - direction issue
Hi guys,

I'm having a problem with my heater direction control (marked on picture). It seems to be pretty stiff, and when I turn it around it does nothing - it is blowing only on passengers all the time, nothing to the windscreen.

[Image: Screenshot-2.png]

Do you have any idea what might be the problem? Or some guide on how this system works? It is pretty cold and snowy here so I can't disassemble stuff to see it myself, but the issue has been irritating me a lot lately. Smile

Thanks in advance!
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The direction knob pulls cables which move diverter flaps inside the heater box. It sounds like one of your cables may be damaged but you'll need to remove the dash fascia to check. It's very easy though, takes literally 5 minutes.
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one of my cables is stiff as well ever since a heater matrix change. It should be an easy fix but youll have to take it apart and have a look for yourself!
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Yeh, ours was similar, the cable was bent so bent it back as best as possible. It works now but is still a bit stiff, so very reluctant to use it. No hot air down by my feet, they get a bit cold, brrrrrrrrrrr.
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