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Radiator & Lower Hose Connection Type
The radiator on my 16v XSi has sprung a leak.  The existing radiator and lower hose are the all-plastic design, not the type with the metal end and the metal clip that holds it all together.  Problem is that if I search for a radiator for my car (using either Pug number listed - 1330.49 or 1331.AX) what come up are radiators with newer style metal clip quick connector.

I'm essentially trying to avoid having to change the lower hose as well as the radiator.  Also changing the lower hose isn't looking easy as Peugeot say they don't supply the metal type any more (and the existing lower hose is in good condition anyway).

Nissens do a radiator (63512A) which has the correct connector and has the same dimensions.  I've found a couple online.  Thing is it's only listed for use with the older 8v XSi.  I can't see any reason that it wouldn't work fine on the 16v model but I'm hoping someone can confirm? Ta!

....oh, and the other option is to cut the connector off the lower hose and bodge it all together with a length of generic hose & jubilee clips!
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id get the newest type of hose, they aren't expensive.

try a different dealer, many are lazy lying bastards that cant be arsed ordering parts ( never ask if they have anything in stock, they never do, always start by asking can they get aomehting)
need a part number? and will sort you out.
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Ah, there talks the voice of experience!  I tend to trust the local Pug parts man but I'll give another stealer a try and see if I can get the newer style hose.  (There are some on eBay but the prices are stupid). Thanks Welshpug.
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